Tuesday, December 29

Girl's Cafe

Winter is coming. There was started with a cloudy and finished with a heavy rain. A girl with her pink blouse, black boot shoes, and a casual hand watch was in a lonely. She was in a cafe shop with a glass of hot vanilla latte; her most favorite drink ever. She sat down at the classic wooden chair and looked at  lighting rain which going down through the glass window. Her phone was silent. She didn't want nobody break her "dating" with her blue notebook. 

4.PM. Still enjoying her coffee and the rain. A boy with her glasses sat down right beside her. He was so busy with his phone and emails which she though to never mind with him.

Every moment froze.Time was left, there was no single word out come out from her mouth. Her tongue was stuck all the time. Rain was stop. She walk out from her "warm room", dressing her wool jacket, and go to somewhere which only she knew.

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