Monday, February 20

A Letter to Momy

Beloved Mom
18th February, you have your birthday. I don't know what I've to do. Mom, I want go home. Let me go home! Sorry I'm not at home today. From here, I give my big hug. Happy birthday Mom! God bless you. I love you! It will be nice if we can make our party with brother and Dad at home actually. I always think of that. Sadly, I just can see our picture –14yeras ago. Just one picture I have taken on my desk here – my room, my boardinghouse. You look so beautiful; yesterday, today, now and then. I want to draw with crayon then illustrate our face full of smile along time we live. Oh I’m eager to spend tonight with my Mom. So what a daughter like me must to do. I stuck on this position. Ugh!
I wish all the best for you, Mom. I love you so bad!

Your daughter
Littlegirl needs your love

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