Friday, January 13


It’s about my #dearestfriend pipi memerah pipi memerahYou always be my #dearestfriend. You kept me in the dark when I was scare. I'm in this think alone. I went back to the time when I was alone with my tears. I don't know what happened if I was still out there, alone. You're my #dearestfriend who has shown me the truly world. Would u mind I called u as my pillow? LOL! insane! tertawa berguling di lantai Silent night to listen to the rain send me the way to take you somewhere #dearestfriend. Ehm I'm a sleep then wake and I'm sure where I am, you are around. I feel like a birdie by your side. Fragile #dearestfriend. The lamp was turn off, the rain was falling, no stars, then u laughed #dearestfriend. My eyes saw u deeper. I don't want see more #dearestfriend. I miss the way you sit down on your little chair hahaha #dearestfriend. No, I won't back! Leave me standing here all the day and leave me to your door! Make my mind clear, so I can find peace clearly tepuk tangantepuk tangan

You have such a great mind and I walk around there. Let the rain hit my head perfectly! No end to talk about u. I just can smile behind u. Perfect time, Bung! Last night, I watched my body slept and flew away #dearestfriend. Is the sky in blue when the rain is falling? I don't think so #dearestfriend. A fox present! I want sit there alone, follow your voice. #littlegirl wakes up every day to open her "window" to say hello to the sun which always brighten her days. She spend time to the space, going to her imagine about you #dearestfriend melamun

So much more I've never seen it before! U made me waiting for the sun #dearestfriend. You showed me something I couldn't see #dearestfriend. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder #dearestfriend. Let me dreaming of my #dearestfriend. Because I really missing him tonight, because I pray for my #dearestfriend. He'll be in a healthy. He's in a lucky because my #dearestfriend just like a morning angel malaikatmalaikat I always see him next to me. Smile in every single breath and feel you around me, #dearestfriend. The spirit is full. Warm! You might laugh at me, huh?! One by one I fell closer to you.

#OnNothing is something #dearestfriend. I always bring it everywhere as I keep you in my memory. You're something special. I only hope that one day could be mine, brother #dearestfriend. I lie down on my bed whose "hold" my heart #dearestfriend. I don't know that's the last time I can meet you or not #dearestfriend. There someday #dearestfriend. I see you and I keep in you in the letter. How lucky I am #dearestfriend. I want to hug you for the last. May I? #dearestfriend peluk eratpeluk erat

I'm sleepy hahaha but I want make this longer #dearestfriend. Well, you don't crush my hands. I can feel your salt skin which mixes with your creations #dearestfriend. I believe you'll be here. Thanks for the cold night you've given #dearestfriend. And suddenly I flew up to the dark skies with the stars, the spots of those lamps which look so wonderful #dearestfriend. I don't mean to bother your beauty sleep #dearestfriend tidur because I know, you're pale I'm being here. I know u more slowly. I guess I respect to your life. So many things I got from u. Memorable of human being like you. And I like to be your listener. It doesn't mean that I won't be something stuck somewhere I belong.

I'm still on my mind to think about that words #dearestfriend. Make blue sky in the dark clouds #dearestfriend. Crown with love my ever-during night #dearestfriend. Somebody saved my life, it’s you. I clearly remember what I said to you. “Thanks for saved me. I’m glad to know you”. She spend time to the space, going to her imagine about you #dearestfriend. Watching distance as you, I want there. Opened my eyes and made me believe. Would you hold my hand, if I saw you in heaven? I see my shadow over there. I smile at myself. I feel you are standing next to me tepuk tangan
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