Thursday, December 15

Your Name Was On Me

I knew them when I was in Kindergarten. We’ve just a friend for 13 years, but I have to leave them. It because my father’s businnes got bankrupt. We have to move from jakarta to my Grandmother’s village and of course my friends and I got apart. I really felt so sad and I’ve never thought about that before. Previously, I didn’t want to leave them and keep living there, ut my mother told me that if I lived in jakarta with my uncle, it just made them got any troubles.
I always remember when we were together. One thing that I never  forget is when I was 1st grade in Elementary school. I have a friend, he’s Arif. He comes from Arabia. He lives there and our house is near. One day, we were studying at class but the teaher left us because she had a meeting with the others teachers. So we did the assigments togerther. Suddenly, he felt thristy, so he decided to required my drink. He spent it. I cried and told to my mother about that. Arif’s mother asked him to bought a plate of Uduk rice with the spicy sauce. What a lucy boy he is ! i stopped crying when he gave it to me. It sounds funny and we did something joke ! all of my friends in my class laughed at us.
I really loved them. Everyday and everytime i miss them, but i have 4 closest friend, included him. What if i count how many days and how much time that have been overcome without them here. I have a plan in next holiday. I asked my parents that i want to spend my holiday in Jakarta and they allow me to go there. I feel very happy ! i hope i could meet them and tell to each others about what we have done.